With years of experience in a diverse, demanding, and ever-changing 21st urban market place, our urban educational consultants are dedicated to assisting our clients in improving their quality of life, and guiding them towards personal and organizational success. We are committed to providing the necessary guidance and expertise to our clients - - - > Meet our team of professionals.

Will Smith, MS
President and Founder

Will Smith is president and founder. He is a 21 year State Police veteran, international instructor, and law enforcement consultant. With more than 30 years of experience teaching children and adults, and many success stories, he is a natural born teacher and mentor who will guide clients toward professional

 satisfaction and personal growth. Contact us today to discuss our professional and public services.

Dwight Booker, MS
Project Consultant

Dwight is one of our adjunct project consultants. He is

an international law enforcement consultant and

instructor with over 30 years of military, corrections,

and police service. An experienced expert in professional standards, Dwight will dedicate his professional skills to our clients needs, ensuring client satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss our professional and public srvices.

Thomas Green
Project Consultant

Thomas (Tom) is one of our experienced adjunct project

consultants. He is a 26 year State Police veteran, with over 40 years experience in commercial vehicle

operation and enforcement. With an eye for how various mediums of public transportation operate, Tom will evaluate and provide valued economic guidance in organizational safety, security, and operational enforcement. Contact us today to discuss further. 

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