Seminars and Workshops 

Courtesy, Hospitality, Integrity and Professionalism (CHIP)

Our organizational CHIP workshops and seminars will provide your organizational staff with strategies to improve their working environment, and, create a more peaceful working experience for everyone. We will customize a program to readdress your current policies and SOPs, revisiting your organization's mission and vision, and then ensure everyone in your organization is informed and achievement ready. We assist you in empowering your staff to seek a healthier, safe, and more courteous environment. 

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Organizational Safety and Security Awareness (OSSA)

At ULEAD Tactical Defense,. We believe every individual and organization deserves the opportunity to be safe in their homes, travel, and especially at their place of business. What better why to show your employees your organization cares by providing them personal safety and security workshops/seminars to assist them in developing their an urban common sense safety and security mindset. Through our OSSA workshops and seminars, we prepare them to address the quality of life issues of, home and work security, safe internet use, and travel safety. Call us today to hear more.

Urban Leadership, Ethics and Attitude Development (ULEAD)

We believe organizations, groups, and individuals that truly embraces the value of diversity will be better equipped to keep pace with the ever-changing urban trends, societal demands, economic uncertainty, and, they will grow professionally. Our ULEAD Tactical Defense professional consultants will assist groups and organizations in achieving their economic potential, while holding steadfast to their core values and mission. With sound, experience-based guidance, we assist you in your quest for success. Call us today to hear more.

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