Seminars, Workshops, and Training

Courtesy, Hospitality, Integrity and Professionalism (CHIP)

Our law enforcement CHIP  workshops and seminars will provide your agency with strategies to improve your external and internal work 

environments, and subsequently creat a peaceful and safe working experience for everyone. Our interactive programs focuses on customer service, community empowerment, and officer safety.

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Use of Force - Reasonable Officer Response  (ROR)

Through our Reasonable Officer Response workshops and seminars, we awaken the [officer-safety-mindset] within the individual officer [and your organization], so that she or he can provide first-class 

first-responder service to the public, and doing so with officer safety as a priority. Ours programs will review and evaluate past and current high profile law enforcement and community interactions as case studies to provide professional solutions. Call us today to hear more.

Defensive Tactics Training (Handcuffing and Baton), and Use of Force Seminars and Workshops. 

ULEAD Tactical Defense can provide 21st century defensive tactics workshop

and seminars to bolster your patrol officers' everyday tactical skills, with an emphasis on officer and public safety, and constitutional rights awareness. Call us today to hear more.

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