Seminars and Workshops

Personal Safety and Security (PSS) 

ULEAD Tactical Defense was founded because we believe every individual and organization deserves the opportunity to be safe in their home, travel, business, school, and throughout the United States. That  is why, in addition to urban tactical defense training and instruction, we are committed to providing common sense safety tips to assist you [the public] in improving your [Quality of Life], and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all. Call us to discuss further.

Police and Community Interaction Programs (PCI)

We offer Police and Community Interaction workshops and seminars to address the currently strained relationship between the community and the police. Our urban educational programs are designed to raise the public's understanding of police standard operation procedures and use of force response models, with emphasis on constitutional rights and first responder appreciation. We also provide a "How to Safely Interact With The Police" guide with tips and procedures. Call us today to learn more.

Defensive Driving Awareness (DDA) 

We offer Defensive Driving Awareness courses and workshops for organizations and groups, with the [Basic Certificate Course] conducted in a one day 6-hour session, [or two 3-hour sessions on two separate days], and the [Advanced Certificate Course] conducted in a one day 3-hour session. We also do customized [1 to 2 hour] driving awareness seminars. All programs include lecture and interactive instruction. Call us today to hear more.