Seminars, Workshops, and Training

Family and Individual Combat/Self-Defense Training 

 Our urban survival self-defense training workshops will provide families and individuals with basic physical defensive techniques that focuses on, confrontation avoidance, fighting-back against an attacker, and stoping the threat imposed. We provide lectured-physical training on how to improve your personal safety and security awareness, your ability to recognize a potentially unsafe situation, how to improve your reaction time to avoid the situation, and how to improve your chances of survival. 

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Boxing/Kickboxing Fitness Training

 ULEAD Tactical Defense, Inc. provides weekly training sessions in boxing/kickboxing fitness training at our facility. Group and individual training will focus on developing each individuals' physical conditioning through our High-Intensity-Tactical-Training (HITT) sessions. We encourage and motivate our members through an Effort-Based Training environment...Not an aggressive-based environment! Call us today to hear how to improve your stamina, your focus, and your self-esteem.

Karate/Martial Arts Tutoring 

 We offer individual tutoring services to Martial Artists wishing to improve their skills with one-on-one training and evaluation sessions in a relaxed controlled environment. We are laser-focused on improving your kata/form performance for power, sharpness, and balance...and your sparring abilities for control, discipline, and tactical strategy.

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